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What is this website ?

This website is used to monitor all operational BAROS once a day, at the time of update. It needs a daily analysis (at about 06:43 French Local time)
You visualize : position, hour, course, speed and Pressure data of last observation for each operational BAROS.
One clic on a IMEI number presents last observations on 24H, with meteorological parameters graphs.
One clic on last archive's date-time group presents observations on 60 last observations.

How to do ?

Choose in the menu what you want to do (info text allowed over each item). So you can :

- Visualize for all operational BAROS :
* map's position,
* number of messages received on last 24H,
* last observations Date-Time group,,
* last course and speed,
* last Air Pressure data,
* date-time group of last archive,
- Visualize for each BAROS :
* ship trajectory for last 15 past days,
* all parameters graphs:
* during 24 past hours,,
* during 60 past observations archived,
* Air Pressure comparison with models.

You need help ?

Please use User's help in the menu (in french only) or contact me through the link below.

If you need help, please contact me : Gilbert Emzivat !